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Campus Forms

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If you do not see a form that you need, or have trouble viewing or printing a PDF document, please Contact Us for assistance.

[online] forms can be completed directly in your web browser and are instantly sent to us when you click the “Submit” button.

[pdf] forms can be completed either on your computer or by hand. After completion, send the form to us by:

  • emailing a digital copy to:, or
  • bring the form to one of our Campus locations, or
  • mail a copy by US Postal Service to the address at the bottom of this page.

Other Inquiries

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We do not provide our own pick-up transportation service; however Contact Us for help with arrangements.

Deanna Specialty Transportation provides transportation only for Gwinnett County residents receiving disability services funded by the State. Please contact them directly to make arrangements, or you may contact us to help you make the connection.


The transportation van will only wait 5 minutes at your house. A NO-SHOW FEE will be charged if an individual is not available for pick-up during that time.

  • No-show fees must be paid within 3 days to continue transportation services
  • No-show fees can be paid in person, or use this link to make an Urgent Payment.

NOTE: Creative Enterprises is billed for all scheduled transportation services, including no-shows. Your participation is required to eliminate unnecessary transportation costs.


If cancellation is needed, contact us at least 3 hours prior to the regular scheduled pick-up time.

Cancellations cannot be made on shorter notice because timely arrangements must be made with Deanna Specialty.