Gwinnett Transportation Cancellation Form

For Gwinnett County Campus Only

To cancel Transportation service:


If cancellation is needed, contact us at least 3 hours prior to the regular scheduled pick-up time.

Cancellations cannot be made on shorter notice because timely arrangements must be made with Deanna Specialty.

NO-SHOW Policy

The transportation van will only wait 5 minutes at your house. A NO-SHOW FEE will be charged if an individual is not available for pick-up during that time.

  • No-show fees must be paid within 3 days to continue transportation services
  • No-show fees can be paid in person or make an Urgent Payment.

NOTE: Creative Enterprises is billed for all scheduled transportation services, including no-shows. Your participation is required to eliminate unnecessary transportation costs.

Transportation Cancellation Form

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skip if cancelling for only 1 day
skip if cancelling for only 1 day