1976 – 1990

Creative Enterprises began in Lawrenceville, GA in 1976 on the current Gwinnett county campus. County Mental Health Services rented the space next to their offices and established a workshop. Incorporated as non-profit 501(c)(3) Community Rehabilitation Program in 1979 to provide work evaluation and work adjustment services to people with disabilities.

1991 – 2000

In March of 1996 Creative Enterprises built a Greenhouse to add a Horticulture Program that provides therapeutic, occupational and vocational benefits so that individuals enrolled in this Program can experience the miracle of growing wonderful creations from the beginning.

2001 - 2020

In January, 2003 our Day Habilitation building celebrated its grand opening and currently serves clients through the Medicaid Waiver Program. An expansion to this building provided by grant funding in 2007 serves as a locale for large group interactions, and as a way to encourage members of the community to understand and support the services that Creative Enterprises provides.

And in 2009, the main campus expanded with the acquisition of an adjacent building from Gwinnett County. From 2010 until early 2020, this building was home to the Creative Enterprises Thrift Store. Now it is our Fitness Center.

Also in 2009 we relocated 2 small houses across from our Corporate office. One serves our Art Program, and the second is a full-time classroom and part-time training center for cooking as a life-skill.

Our Gwinnett campus grew even more in December 2010 with the purchase of the former Red Cross building located on Hi Hope Road; which – titled Education Building – now hosts classes daily and provides additional office and storage space.

2021 and Beyond

The year 2021 brought amazing opportunities for Creative Enterprises and our local citizens and civic organizations, with an addition of a Community Garden. A place where everyone can grow, learn, contribute, and reap rewards of a community working together for common goals. Read more about the Community Garden here.